To all the barefoot wanderers and storm-tossed sailors, to the dragon riders, the dream weavers, and the unicorn tamers, to the night watchers, the merry minstrels, and the solace seekers, to all whose winding paths have led them here, welcome! Here in this enchanted place, you may battle with dragons, dance with dryads, and fly with fairies!

Okay. You caught me. That last part is a bit of an overstatement. Last I checked, the dragons were busy binging on Netflix, the dryads had all left to get Chinese take-out, and I’m not sure what the fairies were up to, but I think it involved YouTube, rubber duckies, and homemade flamethrowers. Sometimes, it’s best to just leave the fairies alone.

Fortunately, there’s still plenty to do around here. You can check out my blog for my recent musings, help yourself to free goodies if you’re feeling curious, sign up for my newsletter to banish your boredom,  and enlarge your mind and your library by reading my books (my evil pet imp whispers in your ear, “buy, buy, buy!”). And if the fairies with flamethrowers didn’t scare you away, then I want to thank you for visiting my website. Your support helps make my endeavors as an independent author possible!

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